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Winter vacation starts today. For those lacking inspiration and/or in need of nature, the Stay Wild book from Gestalten editions will satisfy your glamping desires. The book transports you through the most remote places in Europe and in wild and picturesque shelters, for a tourism with a low carbon footprint and to improve its connection with nature. The life of Robinson in 256 pages...

tente et cabane dans la campagne
p 35, Stay Wild - Gestalten © matt austin

Its catchphrase is unequivocal: "Leave town and get away from it all!" Published by Gestalten, Stay Wild: Cabins, Rural Getaways, and Sublime Solitude takes you on a journey of peace and quiet. This beautifully illustrated book presents a collection of cabins, huts, caravans, tents and other little havens to escape cities and digital life. A book that allows the mind to escape through its selection of unique places, and a source of inspiration for your next vacation or your future residence.

A round hut in Cornwall, a tiny house and its small lake in Périgord, a perched hut in Norway, a design igloo in Finland, a mirror hut in Sweden... the book takes you on a tour of Europe of picturesque places through the countryside, mountains and seaside. All decorative styles are represented, from the colorful yurt to the refined architect's hut. But all the hideouts share one characteristic: a breathtaking view of the wild nature and untouched by any other habitation that surrounds them.

Our favorite goes to the adorable gypsy caravans of an English farm in Devon, installed in the middle of a meadow where hens, cows and sheep frolic and where you share your meal in the open air while the fire camp wavers. A small paradise where to take your family for an unforgettable vacation.

intérieur du livre Stay Wild
p 26-27 , Stay Wild - Gestalten

cabanes dans les arbres éclairées à la bougie
p 114-115, Stay Wild - Gestalten © kasper de Thurah

intérieur du livre Stay Wild
p 162-163 , Stay Wild - Gestalten

couverture du livre Country and cozy

Stay Wild, Gestalten 39,90€


picture credit © gestalten



nos chouchous du moment



Lunettes de soleil oversized Yves-Saint-Laurent années 70 vintage.




Robe midi en coton imprimée de coquelicots avec corsage fronçé et bretelles amovibles.  




Ballerines mary-jane en résille bleutées avec incrustation de perles.

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