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Her childhood was bathed in nature and salty air. Today she advocates super healthy eating and holistic beauty. Claire Nouy, ​​the co-founder of Atelier Nubio shares all her in & out beauty tips and advice.

portrait de Claire Nouy
claire nouy © agathe boudin


1 - Hi Claire, can you quickly introduce yourself?

" Atelier Nubio was born from my conviction that beauty is nourished from within. Food, raw, colorful, healthy, a vector of pleasure and well-being, has always been fundamental in my life. I was born in Douarnenez, on the Breton Far West coast. I was raised outdoors, very connected to nature between hiking, fishing and picking wild blackberries. The idea for Atelier Nubio came to me suddenly - a sort of synthesis of everything I love in life. I had an epiphany during a summer night in Italy on the banks of the great lakes. I was on vacation between 2 jobs at the time. I dreamed up the name of the brand, the concept (at the start the online sale of fresh vegetable juice cures, excellent for the skin and overall vitality) and the philosophy of the brand: to make you want to take care of yourself , naturally, with healthy and sensory products and above all a lot of pleasure. "

2 - What are your cult beauty products, the basics?

" The main thing for me is to eat well. I am very careful to have as many fresh vegetables as possible in my day: raw, cooked, in the form of juice…. My favorite products are the “Bone Broth” collagen broth, which nourishes and plumps the skin, I can’t live without it. I also continuously use “On veut...l'elixir drainant” whose taste I love and with which I start the day in a large glass of lukewarm water. I also continuously take “On veut...des jolies pommettes”, wheat ceramides which protect the skin from dehydration. "

3 - What are your morning and evening skincare routines?

" In the morning, I use the La Roche Posay thermal water spray and I treat myself to a little layering: I use an eye contour, the BoumBoum Milk pre-serum from Violette_fr (but I also like the Whamisa toner). I then put on an antioxidant serum (at the moment I use Vitamin C from Madara, or often the Odacité serums (I love their carrot oil) or that from Atelier Nubio. I finish with the moisturizing cream from Atelier Nubio or that of Pai for sensitive skin. In summer, I also apply Odacité's tinted sunscreen.

In the evening, I do the Atelier Nubio double cleansing routine with the Kabuki facial brush and I apply a toning essence with Madara probiotics, and a night cream with Antipodes probiotics.

On Saturday morning, I like to do a little homemade exfoliation or gentle peeling + moisturizing mask. "

4 - Do you have a beauty secret? A homemade recipe?

" Two little secrets that surprise my friends (but they adopt them straight away): the pure honey mask on the face and the derivative baths (I let the readers search on Google) + the bone broths and supplements Atelier Nubio of course. "

Claire Nouy récoltant des fleurs

5 - Have you borrowed a product or ritual from your mother or grandmother?

" My mother is extremely minimalist in terms of cosmetic care. I don't think she ever wore lipstick. On the other hand, she goes out every day and moves a lot (walking, cycling, swimming in the sea) - it's the best way to activate prana, vital energy! She also cooks using excellent quality raw products: sourdough bread, raw butter, local vegetables, fresh fish, garden herbs… "

6 - What is your latest wellness discovery that you love??

" I was very resistant to intermittent youth (I personally really like being hungry in the morning, breakfast with the family is my favorite time of the day) but I have been practicing it in the evening several evenings a week for 1 month and that helped me. brings a lot of energy. This is precisely what I advocate in taking care of ourselves, certain practices do not inspire us today, but become our favorites a year, or several years later, it is a journey of unique experiences. and individual. "

7- What are your favorite beauty addresses?

" J’aime bien les cours de Naomi Rose Curry à Episod Republic. J’ai beaucoup pratiqué le yoga (jivamukty, kundalini, vinyasa) mais moins depuis le confinement. Je suis adepte des cours en video de Melissa Wood Health!

J’aime les massages du visage de Vinida Savant, Anouk Biard et Amélie Guiraud. Les Bains Celtique de Roellinger m’ont laissé un bon souvenir aussi. Mon coiffeur est Yuta Umeda. "

8 - Where do you like to relax in France?

" The sea and the wild coast of my native bay in Brittany, and, closer, the Rambouillet forest."

9 - What “Atelier Nubio” beauty tips do you recommend to our readers to look radiant this fall and winter?

" Always be in a state of curiosity about yourself (rather than blame). And to dare new practices, experiences, recipes...The fact of twisting the somewhat boring routines of life makes everyday life brighter. Otherwise, being courted and flirting is a good way to feel more beautiful and activate your glow! Well, Atelier Nubio products help a lot, but sweet words are super powerful too! "





nos chouchous du moment



Sandales roses à talons réalisées avec un cuir ayant subi un processus de tannage sans chrome. 




Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


crème solaire


Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

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