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More than a hair care brand, Davines is one of the pioneers of ethical and committed cosmetics that places life at the heart of its concept. Its products respect nature as a whole, from the earth to Human. From their beautiful village in northern Italy, in collaboration with the Rodale Institute and the Slow Food Foundation, they support Italian organic artisans and growers who maintain plant varieties at risk of extinction which then enter into the composition of their products. Davines thus participates in the protection of Mediterranean biodiversity and offers its users healthy and original treatments.

femme aux cheveux roux dans des herbes

The Story

Founded by the Bollati family in 1983 in Parma, Italy, Davines was originally a research and manufacturing laboratory for luxury products, intended for major cosmetics companies around the world. After about ten years, the managers decided to create their own range dedicated to professionals at first, then to the general public. The company's policy has always been focused on quality and durability. In 2016, the multinational established in 90 countries is labeled "B corp".

The headquarters of the company is a splendid village whose architecture is inspired by traditional Italian rural houses. It extends over several hectares which include the offices, the research laboratory, a greenhouse as well as a magnificent botanical garden, made up of an experimental scientific vegetable garden and an arboretum. The whole is eco-designed and supplied with green energy. No single-use plastic is allowed within the company!

vue du jardin du village davines
le village davines près de Parme

Davines makes it a point of honor to only offer body and hair care guaranteed to be sulphate and paraben free. The product formulas contain high percentages of rapidly biodegradable ingredients of natural origin in order to minimize their impact on the environment.

Essential Haircare

Caper, yellow melon, tomato, red celery, olive, almond, buckwheat, lentil seeds... this is not the recipe for a good little Italian dish but components from the Essential Haircare range. The uniqueness of the line lies in its ingredients, all from organic farms spread throughout Italy. For this, Davines has collaborated with the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, which technically and financially supports more than 10,000 small producers so that they can continue to produce rare and/or endangered endemic Mediterranean plants. The objective is multiple: to preserve Mediterranean biodiversity, to revive the economy of the territories and to maintain local craft traditions. Each family of the Essential Haircare range contains a specific active ingredient from a Slow Food Presidio behind which there is the story, the face and the name of the person who cultivated it carefully and with passion.

Product packaging is also at the heart of the brand's concerns. Essential Haircare bottles are made with a minimal amount of plastic, essential for the proper preservation of the formulas contained. The packaging is made of plant-based plastic intended for food use and is fully recyclable. To offset its CO₂ emissions, Davines collaborates with Ethiotrees, a social and environmental project that works for the reforestation of the Tembien Highlands nature reserves in Ethiopia.

flacon du shampoing douche we stand for regeneration dans la forêt

We Sustain Beauty

The brand's first "Manifesto" product launched in 2022, the We Stand / for regeneration shampoo-shower comes from regenerative organic farming. This gentle cleanser is formulated with Activits ingredients sourced from regenerative organic Slow Food farms. It is made from grapes from the Cunial vineyard and green anise extract from Mr Corradetti's farm. Davines redistributes a share of each sale and up to €50,000 to the Rodale Institute and Slow Food International to support their work in regenerative organic farming and biodiversity.

"At Davines, we believe that the balance between beauty and sustainability, a concept we call "sustainable beauty", can improve life and the world around us." Davide Bollati, Président

We tested

Momo range

We love the texture, the delicate fruity smell of melon and the size of this moisturizing shampoo. Its foam is light and pleasant, it nourishes dry or dehydrated hair. It can be completed with the conditioner and the potion which provide additional hydration to the hair.

We Stand / for regeneration shower shampoo

We love this product that leaves both skin soft and hair shiny and silky. We feel that its pH is not aggressive and that the skin is well protected. It gives off a light smell that leaves a "clean" feeling. We like its compact size and its practical 2-in-1 composition to carry.

Our selection

Shampoo Momo 20,50€

Conditioner Nounou 34,00€

Shampoo bar Dede 18,60€

Shower shampoo We Stand / for Regeneration16,00€

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pictures credit © davines


nos chouchous du moment



Sandales roses à talons réalisées avec un cuir ayant subi un processus de tannage sans chrome. 




Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


crème solaire


Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

Indice de protection 30

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