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table et chaise en bois de Nouveau Standard

Nouveau Standard is a brand new publisher of furniture and accessories for the home. The first collection, 1976 Souvenirs Rustiques, offers a reinterpretation of the country interiors of our grandparents in four emblematic pieces. A rigorous but delicate aesthetic, full of character and nostalgia.

Jonathan Fleurance and Simon Brandeau, from the Nantes architectural firm Atelier Standard, are launching their very first furniture line. Their creation and design studio, Nouveau Standard, brings outdated rustic interiors up to date, and reinterprets their iconic massive furniture.

This first collection with an evocative name, 1976 Souvenirs Rustiques, is based around four pieces characteristic of country dining rooms of the 70s; a table and chairs, a fireside chair and a lamp, made by regional cabinetmaking, tapestry and lava enamelling workshops.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the combination of a heavy traditional dark wood frame, and subtle details such as the enameled seat, the Nobilis and Pierre Frey fabrics, or the small balls, which twist the line. Nouveau Standard is already asserting its style with this first collection, and offers great prospects for the designer duo.

fauteuil de la collection 1976, souvenirs rustiques de Nouveau Standard

 " Our first collection questions the intimate connection, that of memories. Each of the pieces seems to come from a frozen era which is full of more or less distant thoughts and magnifies in their own way the interiors of our grandparents..."

Collection 1976, souvenirs rustiques de Nouveau Standard

les fondateurs de Nouveau Standard


picture crédits © paulin giret


nos chouchous du moment




Sweat-shirt 100% coton au design graphique pour une tenue décontractée mais stylée.



Un baume pour les lèvres anti-âge et nourrissant qui revitalise, repulpe et atténue visiblement les ridules du contour des lèvres.




Les emblématiques Mary Janes de la marque espagnole imprimées léopard.

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