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We love autumn with its walks in the forest and its camouflage look in pretty shades of rust, hazelnut and khaki colors. A casual chic seasonal outfit to adopt right now and that the Mastic editorial staff have adopted in their daily lives! :-)

woman in a forest with a green trousers and a red hat
© jesse kamm

Shop the look

Opt for a wool sweater and loose corduroy pants. Shoes with big studs to avoid slipping in the mud, a mid-length parka to protect us from the rain and a colorful hat to brighten it up!


green wool sweater soeur

Wool sweater Envie, Soeur 195,00€


corduroy carhartt trousers

Corduroy trousers, Carhartt 79,00€


leather palladium paraboot

Leather hiking boots, Palladium 89,95€


green midi parka close kelli

Parka Kelli, Close 699,00€


red wool hat from wild

Hat Menuires, Wild 39,00€

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