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Camille Meire shapes pretty little rattles in natural wood at a very reasonable price. From her workshop in Dunkerque in the North of France, she handles wood with lightness and poetry to create the very first baby toy.

mobilier pour enfants Ecobirdy dans un jardin

KMR is for Camille Meire, and Childwood is a subtle pun that translates both the words childhood and wood into English. Her brand perfectly evokes the philosophy of the young woman; Camille loves simplicity, naturalness and her Instagram account perfectly reveals this universe.

This professional cabinetmaker created her very first rattle for her little boy César, and faced with the demand of those around her, she decided to devote herself to this activity full time. After some trial and error, the very first models were born in 2020. From her workshop in the city center of Dunkerque, accompanied by her faithful dog, she shapes by hand the small toys in beech wood from an eco-managed forest in Isere. The rattles have no varnish, are certified to CE standards and are sold in pretty little linen pouches. She declines the models according to her desires and according to the seasons: small birds, apples, flowers... always soft and poetic models.

Buying a KMR Childwood rattle also means contributing to the preservation of natural areas. Indeed, proof of her involvement in ecology and her integrity, Camille donates 10 cents on each of her sales to the Conservatoire des Espaces Naturels des Hauts-de-France, a non-governmental organization that manages and promotes natural heritage.


Camille will present a limited series in 2023 in collaboration with illustrator Charlotte Priou. The rattles will be colored with natural pigments presenting no risk for the little ones.

Our selection

Rattle Maple, 12,00€

KMR Childwood is retailed in 140 stores.

You can find her creations in particular on these pretty (e)shops:

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