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Mélanie Huynh is the founder of the clean beauty brand Holidermie which advocates a holistic approach to beauty. The young woman, who has always been passionate about fashion and beauty, gave us her well-being advice and shared her best tips to shine this summer.

Mélanie Huynh portrait
mélanie huynh


1 - Hi Mélanie, can you quickly introduce yourself?

" I grew up in Paris in a multicultural environment. My mother is French and my father is Chinese. I spent all my holidays with my grandmother, on the family farm in Normandy. This is where my approach to the green was created.

I have always been passionate about fashion, beauty, and image in general. I started my career on the editorial staff of Vogue France, where I spent almost 10 years on the beauty and fashion editorials. It was in 2019 that I created Holidermie, with the desire to share my holistic experiences and beauty rituals acquired through my culture and my exchanges with international beauty experts. Holidermie is a true lifestyle inspired by my philosophy of life where we cultivate beauty from the inside and the outside, while respecting nature and our body.. "

2 - What are your cult beauty products, the basics?

" Throughout the year I take my Holidermie food supplements which I adapt according to the season and the needs of my body. My must-haves: Collagène & Acide Hyaluronique and Firmness & Density supplements.

When it comes to beauty tools, gua sha is without a doubt my cult product! What I like best about this tool is its versatility, you can work on different areas and problems: redraw the contours of the face, smooth fine lines, deflate bags, restart blood circulation, stimulate collagen production... I love it Use in combination with our Rich Cream, formulated with the antioxidant Holiderm® Complex, for an ultra-lifting self-massage.

I don't wear a lot of makeup but I always enhance my complexion with the Bisou Blush from VIOLETTE_FR which gives a fresh and natural look, and is super easy to apply! "

3 - What are your morning and evening skincare routines?

" Every morning when I wake up, I practice Gandusha, a ritual inspired by Ayurveda. I use the Holidermie tongue scraper, an excellent way to get rid of toxins accumulated during the night, and I finish with the oil mouthwash to maintain a healthy mouth. A dry body brushing and a spray of ice water at the end of my shower.

In the evening, the ritual of removing makeup is an obligatory step for me! I use makeup remover and cleansing gloves from Maison Babette, which are very effective and above all gentle on the skin. I also love integrating the Lightinderm device into my evening routine, which uses LED technology to repair and regenerate tissues. Before going to bed, I apply a little Refeel Naturals Poudre Sentimentale dry oil to the ends of my hair, its texture is ultra-light and it smells divine! "

4 - Do you have a beauty secret? A homemade recipe?

" A Kobido and intra-oral massage once a month at the Holidermie Apartment. This manual facelift method reshapes the muscular structure of the lower face. You can also perform facial sculpting gestures yourself by watching a tutorial, it only takes a few minutes and the results are immediate! "

Mélanie Huynh portrait
mélanie huynh

5 - Did you borrow a product or ritual from your mother or grandmother?

" I strongly believe in the principles of Chinese medicine which addresses the body, heart and mind as a whole and explains how to take care of yourself to stay healthy rather than waiting until you get sick to treat yourself. This is why it is important to maintain the harmony of energy inside the body, particularly through a balanced diet and regular exercise. "

6 - What is your latest wellness discovery that you love?

" In addition to the yoga that I practice daily at home, I recently discovered Lagree Fitness at the Snake & Twist studio. An intense practice that mobilizes all the muscles of the body and which offers an excellent complement to yoga and pilates.

And my latest beauty discovery that I recommend: the OVE mask from Lucibel.le. I do one session per week, it does a lot of good for my skin! "

7- What are your favorite beauty addresses?

" Aura aura in the Marais: everything is healthy and delicious, I’m a fan of their collagen smoothies!

The Bloom Space for their mindful meditation session in their salt chamber, highly effective in reducing stress and purifying the skin.

For the beauty of the eyes, I regularly go to Lucia Popa in her salon Fulltimeglam pour un recourbement de cils ou un brow lift.

And when I need a boost, I go to the Appartement Holidermie for a Kobido + Hydrafacial care. "

8 - Where do you like to recharge/recover yourself?

" I recharge my batteries in our family home, Château Toulouse-Lautrec, for a weekend with my family and my children. I also like to escape to Ibiza when I need to refocus. I feel close to nature there and the atmosphere is conducive to disconnection, like a timeless place. "

9 - What “Holidermie” beauty tips do you recommend to our readers to look radiant this summer?

" Focus on sun protection and hydration! In summer, I overindulge in water, vegetable juice, and iced Holidermie Vertuous infusion ... Obviously, I apply SPF 50 several times a day and I start a course of our Solar Food Supplement which I continue until the start of the school year. I love massaging my face with our Cryotherapy Globes, which I place in the freezer 15 minutes before use, they have a very pleasant fresh and decongestant effect when it is hot."


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picture credit © holidermie


nos chouchous du moment



Sandales roses à talons réalisées avec un cuir ayant subi un processus de tannage sans chrome. 




Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


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Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

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