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table with the Pastisse tablecloth set in the middle of the lavender fields

Lucille Pialot has created her own brand of table linen. Pastisse, a solar and authentic line in the image of her sparkling founder. Her collections smell good of lavender, and make us resonate in the song of the cicadas...

lavender Pastise tablecloth

Through her line of table linen, Lucille Pialot transmits all her passion, her joie de vivre and her southern roots. Its tables are cheerful, embellished with patterns and bright colours. Its collections and table decorations are part of the great "tablescape" trend to come: generous tables that abound in perfect harmony and which Americans love. Lucille talks to us about her brand, her journey and her sources of inspiration.


Lucille, can you tell us about your origins?

" I am 100% a southern girl. My whole family is from the South of France; some from the southwest and others from the southeast. I grew up in Lyon but I spent all my holidays between Nice, the Camargue, Provence and the Tarn. My great-grandparents from Tarn were weavers. Their son, my grandfather, transmitted to me all the history related to weaving and made me discover the rare textile factories which persisted in the department. We have a special relationship. I am all the closer to him because I am his only granddaughter and my parents are ambitious scientists, hard at work and very far from the artisanal world that fascinates me. It was therefore he who transmitted to me the love of weaving from an early age.

At 18, in complete opposition to my parents, I left to study fashion design at the Ecole Duperré in Paris. After my BTS, I worked in Haute Couture and then with a Tokyo designer. I then left to complete my training at Aalto University in Helsinki. When I left university, I was a print designer then a colorist at LVMH. I was a bit bored; the work was not very exciting because marketing prevailed over pure creation, which does not correspond to my values. I then went to a fashion designer in Berlin where I was responsible for the women's textile collections."

How the Pastisse project was born?

" I was in Berlin when the Covid crisis broke out. I was 29 years old, I was single and I had developed health problems due to the stress inherent in this profession. Fashion is an unbearable source of tension. Lock down was the perfect opportunity to ask myself and take a step back from my life. Did you go the wrong way? How long has it been since you drew, sewed? I asked myself a whole bunch of questions, and the results of my reflection on the fashion industry, the pollution it generates and its unsustainable management methods pushed me to cut ties with this toxic environment. I wanted to do something that looked like me, that made sense and that paid homage to my roots. Pastisse was born from this desire. I wanted to transmit healthy values, an age-old craftsmanship while bringing my personal touch."

Lucille Pialot in front of a loom

What are the manufacturing methods of Pastisse?

" I first create a prototype on a hand loom then I have it produced by a weaver. I voluntarily create small productions; I prefer to have small quantities but high quality. The head office of Pastisse is settled in Lyon, so I weave in the Loire basin, a historical region of weaving. Also, I started my first collection on the principle of upclycling using spools of thread not used in the textile factories of the South of France, those where my ancestors had worked in the past.. "

What are your sources of inspiration?

" My sources of inspiration are multiple. First of all, I draw from my childhood memories which I materialize into ornamental patterns. I remember the walks to the flower market in Nice with my grandmother and the stories she told me, especially about her youth, when all the hills in the hinterland of Nice were strewn with marigold flowers. I am also inspired during my walks or in museums. I also consult all kinds of archives that can provide me patterns: ceramics, earthenware, folk costumes..."

Pastisse flower tablescape in a mediterranenn garden

What are your favorite addresses in the South of France that you recommend to Mastic readers??

" I have a lot of addresses all over the South of France but I particularly like the Camargue's Lifestyle, a region that marked part of my childhood. Aigues-Mortes is my favorite little Camargue town. I recommend:

  • Poitavin Freres to taste the best focaccia in the world

  • La Camargue restaurant to taste a good bull gardiane in an authentic setting

  • Les Indiennes de Nîmes, my favorite brand of traditional clothing

  • I like to regain strength at the Church of Notre-Dame des Sablons which has magnificent stained glass windows

  • Vauvert, my favorite village to see the votive festivals in summer

  • L’Espiguette, for those looking for a wild and authentic beach

  • And of course the famous Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer pilgrimage with the launching of the black virgin

I also recommend Arles, the capital of the Camargue and in particular:

  • Les rencontres de la photographies during the summer

  • The musée Réattu which mainly houses part of the work of the Arles painter Jacques Réattu and a collection of drawings by Picasso

  • And particulaery le musée du costume de Fragonard which is due to open next year and which will present the collection of Magali Pascal, the biggest collector of Arlesian costumes

  • The election of the Queen of Arles and the processions. "

Which Instagram accounts inspire you??

" Also, there are a lot of them. To escape to the Mediterranean, I recommend

@crèmelamare , @rym.nur , @emmanuelle.kihmleygues , @bouchraboudoua et @aendthesea. Apart from Mediterranean atmospheres, I am also a huge fan of cottagecore and I actively follow the accounts of @patriciarodi et @hannesmauritzson .

The accounts that inspire me for the table and for my work (and that put me in a good mood) are @thetipsytabletop , @misettethetable , @latavolacolorata et @funkytable_milano . Also, I like the world of brands @le_chateaudemamere @lisacorti_official et @ladoublej. "


picture credits © lucille pialot


nos chouchous du moment



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crème solaire


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Indice de protection 30

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