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Prisca LLagostera divides her time between the mountains of Andorra where she founded L'Ovella Negra eco lodge, and South Africa where she opened Kokos Huis, a charming house and guest table located on a farm. Between wide open spaces and nature, the young entrepreneur reveals all her beauty and well-being secrets to us.

portrait de prisca llagostera
Prisca at L'Ovella Negra


1 - Hi Prisca, can you quickly introduce yourself?

" My name is Prisca! I am half English half Andorran (a tiny country between Spain and France). I grew up in the Pyrenees mountains and then went to boarding school in Switzerland, and university in London. I spent many years traveling to Chile, working as a ski instructor and combining it with event work around the world, until I came back to Andorra and opened up my own Mountain Lodge at the end of my favorite valley. A few years into it, while traveling to South Africa, I fell in love with my winemaker husband, Jurgen! After many travels to SA, I decided to open up my own little spot there, Kokos Huis.

I now spend my time between South Africa and Andorra."

2 - What are your cult beauty products, the basics?

" I am obsessed with Rowse beauty products, my latest discovery! I also love the Soho Skin products."

3 - What are your morning and evening skincare routines?

" I am actually a complete mess when it comes to taking care of myself! But I do love using the Rowse make-up remover, followed by Effaclar cleansing gel and then a nice cream. I love washing my face with cold water in the morning! Completely wakes me up and makes me feel fresh! "

4 - Do you have a beauty secret? A homemade recipe?

" My wellness secret is to be surrounded by beauty! That is what keeps me sane and healthy! Breathtaking landscapes (which between Andorra and South Africa I am so lucky!), interiors that flow in harmony and that create pleasure to my eye and beautiful people!"

prisca at l'Huis Koko
Prisca at Kokos Huis

5 - Did you borrow a product or ritual from your mother or grandmother?

" Rose water! My grandma has always sworn by it!"

6 - What is your latest wellness discovery that you love?

" My favorite discovery of all times has been yoga... I wish I could do more of it, but it really makes me feel good about myself... I feel invigorated, strong, lean and mentally balanced. It is everything to me! Walks in the mountains as well. I can’t get enough of them. And of course skiing on a beautiful day. And natural wine! That has been a COMPLETE discovery... how well it makes me feel. And that is thanks to my husband! There is no going back now! "

7- What are your favorite beauty addresses?

" Yogalife in Cap Town! Dr. Serena Cardoso is also in Cape Town. She treats individuals as a whole by harmonizing their body, mind and soul. And my hairdresser Adrian Ryan from Toro in Andorra. These 3 take so much care of me! "

8 - Where do you like to recharge/recover yourself?

" In the mountains of Andorra and the beaches of South Africa. My other favorite place is my family beach house in Vilafortuny where I was practically born. And Mexico... I am obsessed with Mexico and Miami actually as well! So many places! I have some great friends in Miami who always take so much care of me. I love the latino vibe there, and the Caribbean beaches!"

9 - Where do you like to go in France or you would like to visit?

" In 2016 I spent a summer in Marseille working for the Eurocup and absolutely loved it and its surroundings... I also love La Provence... My mum has always been obsessed with it so she has transmitted that to me. Biarritz as well, I love the wilderness of the Atlantic! "


kokoshuis I Instagram @kokoshuis


picture credit © prisca llagostera


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