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Valentine Rosi Mistou shares her life between a ceramic workshop in her house in Perche and a position as artistic director in her Parisian agency Yvonne Club. Her daily life oscillates between two opposing lifestyles that she manages to reconcile in perfect balance. Portrait of a designer who sees life in double... with her very sharp eye..

l'oeil de rosi mistou à travers sa céramique

Valentine's life fits perfectly into the theory of yin and yang. Its existence is built around two opposing concepts in which she finds an ideal agreement. On the one hand, a position as artistic director in the twirling world of fashion in Paris, on the other, the quiet manufacture of ceramics in her studio in Le Perche; asphalt versus forest, design versus production, teamwork versus solo work. On one side a bubbling and very rich world, on the other side calm and anchoring. We can say that she has the art of mastering dualities to perfection, and yet, despite this certain balance, the balance tends to tip gently for the call of nature. The small family plans to reverse their daily life and settle permanently in the green in order to offer their son the serenity and beauty that country life offers.


Valentine, can you tell us about your background? "I grew up in Cergy-Pontoise in the suburb of Paris where I already shared my life between the city and the forest. As a student, I followed the Textile-color material and surface course at Les Arts Décoratifs in Paris.Then, I became a consultant in fashion collection development then gradually, and by chance encounters, I became an artistic director. Since 2016, I have been working with my friend and associate Nastasia Brame in our Yvonne Club design studio."

You thrive fully in your work as an artistic director in Paris, why did you need to settle in the countryside part-time? "The birth of my little boy Orso in 2019 was a real trigger. I realized that I had to offer him an alternative to outings in the square and scooter rides on the asphalt in the middle of the fumes from the exhaust pipes. My partner and I therefore took steps to escape this ultra-urban life as much as possible. It turns out that Orso is a dreamy child, a poet, who likes to pick up berries, collect leaves and live in nature. The countryside also allows me to create ceramics, a passion I have had since the age of seven. I was able to install an oven in an outbuilding of the house. The country house brings joy and serenity to the whole family."

Why did you choose Le Perche? "We arrived in Perche completely by chance. When we decided to buy a house in the countryside, we had no specific region in mind. We drew a circle at most two hours' drive from the epicenter of Paris "We visited different properties in different regions without feeling any real emotion. When we entered this house in Perche, love at first sight was immediate despite its relative state of disrepair..."

How do you benefit from your rural life? What are the drawbacks? "I see a lot of positive points. First of all, I love the landscape here, which I find very beautiful; it is preserved and very well maintained. Then, the Normandy climate suits me perfectly. I hate the heat, I I'm a girl of the forest!I like freshness and humid atmospheres. Another key point! We were extremely well received and we made lots of local friends in a very short time. The inhabitants of the region strongly encourage the installation of Parisians whom they call "Les Accourus"! These undoubtedly energize the region by creating wealth and jobs. Everyone lives in harmony. Also, I marvel at the simple and wholesome pleasures the countryside offers; we are going to do our shopping on foot to the neighboring farm, we take beautiful walks, everyone is friendly... but above all, I am ecstatic in front of the surprises that the garden offers me: a hidden peony that is blooming here, blooming wild flowers there... The only downside I can think of is having to go back to Paris! We plan to settle in the Perche full time as soon as our son returns to school. For now, I only see advantages to living in the countryside. We will see what are the more restrictive aspects when we are settled permanently."

le chêne du jardin

What do you like the most in your house? "I adore the huge oak tree which sits majestically in the garden. It is magnificent. We set up large tables under its branches, day and night." Your favorite "Percheron" address that you recommend to Mastic readers? The region is full of nice addresses... I particularly recommend Chez Nous Campagne, a concept store located in a bucolic setting. The place brings together a tea room, a flea market and a guest house. It is a place out of time where it is good to stroll."

Which Instagram accounts inspire you?

"I like the graphic universe of après-ski quite close to my work as artistic director. I like the fashion universe of améliepichard and the Californian shop bode. On the campaign and creation side, the country accounts of farmandfolk and atelierneeltjegeurtsen, accessories by emma.bruschi and staging in natural ocher shades by arielealasko all perfectly illustrate my conception of contemporary country lifestyle."



Valentine applies her knowledge of pattern and color to her designs. She creates unique decorative objects. Rosi Mistou's ceramics are on sale at Brutal Ceramics and at Argile from June 02, 2022.

Instagram @rosi-mistou

Yvonne Club

Yvonne club is a creative studio founded by Nastassia Brame and Valentine Rosi Mistou. The duo provides artistic direction for fashion brands from design to production.


crédit photos © rosi mistou


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