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    • Vintage glazed painted ceramic bowl from or in the style of Troyan (Bulgaria). 

      This is THE vintage style of the moment! To be completed with dessert service or tea service

      dimensions: Ø 11.8 cups  x height 5 cm 

      colors: earth, cream, rosé, khaki, blue and black

      Very good state.


    • Much of Bulgarian artisanal pottery comes from the city of Troyan, which has rich clay deposits. It is the most famous place, in particular thanks to the village of Terziysko where the pottery craftsmanship was particularly developed, as evidenced by the name of one of the districts called "  Greuntchar  "("  potter  ").

      At the time of the Renaissance, as nowadays, pottery had above all a utilitarian character.  : pots, dishes, vases, dishes. She wears floral designs in pretty cheerful hues. 

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