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    Nuboj Relaxing Oil

    • Vegetable oil  dry and fine regenerates  sensitive skin  and protects against external aggressions.
      This  relaxing serum  with ultra nourishing properties relieves damaged, dehydrated skin  and soothes skin inflammation. 

      composition:  Cannabis Sativa Serum, Hemp Extract

      container: 15 ml


      In detail :

      Natural and obvious synergy of plant extracts, Pure organic Cannabis Sativa oil retains its food quality. It is recognized for its richness in fatty acids and vitamin E and has a lipid profile very close to cutaneous sebum. Its high concentration of Omega-3 (around 17%) and Omega-6 (around 60%) will help to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film which protects the skin from dehydration.

      Enriched with hemp extract, it becomes a real concentrate of antioxidant which acts naturally on the receptors of our cells. It protects the skin from external aggressions and helps it to fight the undesirable effects generated by stress and pollution.

      Application :

      Shake the bottle before use. Morning and / or evening on clean, dry skin, massage 4 to 6 drops on the targeted area. To facilitate its penetration, it is preferable to use the Relaxant Nuboj treatment before any other lotion.

      Our soothing serum is suitable for all skin types. Ideal for dehydrated, sensitive and / or prone to skin inflammation.

      Keep your small vial closed in a cool, dry place away from light.

      For even more effectiveness, use the whole rebalancing routine.

    • The infinite potential of botany with its virtues, properties and active ingredients have  allowed Nuboj to develop treatments adapted to all skin types. Nuboj wishes to offer solutions for every concern of its customers.
      Demanding from the start on their sourcing, Nuboj is surrounded by recognized experts in agronomy, aromatherapy and skin care specialists to create their emulsions.
      Their will is to  breaking the codes of current routines offered in the cosmetics industry. They want to create wellness rituals devoid of all unnecessary chemicals, by producing healthy and effective formulations.

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