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    Nuboj exfoliating soap

    • The exfoliating treatment for your body and face. Poppy seeds with exfoliating power refines the skin texture. A fine and delicate foam for a smooth and soft touch.
      A scrub with cleansing properties to fight against the impurities accumulated on your skin.

      For all skin types.

      composition:  poppy seed, exotic verbena & peppermint

      weight:  100g


      In detail :

      Made from vegetable oils and poppy seeds. The exfoliating soap comes from an artisanal and environmentally friendly manufacturing method called cold saponification.

      Without a heating process during its manufacturing cycle, SAF (cold saponified) is essential for the preservation of all the properties of vegetable and essential oils. Once transformed for its final use, the soap relieves and respects your skin.

      The natural presence of vegetable glycerin is created by this artisanal method. It provides a percentage of surgras (8%) that nourishes and moisturizes your skin.

      Our exfoliating soap is free from all preservatives and chemical detergents.

      Application :

      For a targeted exfoliating treatment on the face / neck: On damp skin, gently rub the soap on your face in a circular motion. Then rinse.
      1 to 2 times a week maximum

      For daily use on your body: Handle the soap between your hands until a fine foam appears. Then apply it to cleanse your body. Then rinse.

      (++) This exfoliating soap is also a real asset for hardworking hands on a daily basis

    • The infinite potential of botany with its virtues, properties and active ingredients have  allowed Nuboj to develop treatments adapted to all skin types. Nuboj wishes to offer solutions for every concern of its customers.
      Demanding from the start on their sourcing, Nuboj is surrounded by recognized experts in agronomy, aromatherapy and skin care specialists to create their emulsions.
      Their will is to  breaking the codes of current routines offered in the cosmetics industry. They want to create wellness rituals devoid of all unnecessary chemicals, by producing healthy and effective formulations.

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