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    Nuboj solid shampoo

    • The natural care and sebum regulator for your hair. A creamy foam with nourishing effects that will act on the hair fiber by protecting it from external aggressions. A shampoo with softening and softening properties  that respects your scalp.

      composition:  tea tree, atlas cedar & avocado

      weight:  100g


      In detail :

      Solid shampoo comes from a manufacturing method called cold saponification. Made from vegetable oils and vegetable butters, no heating is present during its entire manufacturing cycle.

      This environmentally friendly method is mandatory for the preservation of all the properties of vegetable and essential oils. Once transformed for its final use, the shampoo becomes a real care for your hair because it retains all the benefits of its composition.

      The natural presence of vegetable glycerin is created by this artisanal method. It provides a percentage of excess fat (8%), a source of softness which will facilitate rinsing and soften your hair.

      Liquid shampoos are at the origin of a large part of the attacks inflicted on your hair. The presence of silicone and sulphate is the cause. It creates superficial effects by coating your hair with these disruptors.

      Application :

      Universal and suitable for all hair types.

      On wet hair, rub the solid treatment until a fine foam appears. Massage your scalp deeply from roots to ends.

      (For long hair, in addition to the application, we recommend that you comb your entire hair using a comb. From roots to ends in order to permeate your entire length.)

      Rinse thoroughly.

      This solid shampoo contains no phthalates or silicones. A time of adaptation is therefore necessary to benefit from this renewal to your hair. The first sensations are sometimes altered but it takes time to remove the layers of silicones accumulated with the use of traditional liquid shampoo. Patience, your hair will soon be safe from all forms of aggression.

    • The infinite potential of botany with its virtues, properties and active ingredients have  allowed Nuboj to develop treatments adapted to all skin types. Nuboj wishes to offer solutions for every concern of its customers.
      Demanding from the start on their sourcing, Nuboj is surrounded by recognized experts in agronomy, aromatherapy and skin care specialists to create their emulsions.
      Their will is to  breaking the codes of current routines offered in the cosmetics industry. They want to create wellness rituals devoid of all unnecessary chemicals, by producing healthy and effective formulations.

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