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The beautiful days are coming back and our desire to escape with it. The opportunity to stay in one of the eco-responsible cabins of the Coucoo group. Five estates, five unique environments to which the architecture of the shacks has been able to adapt: ​​perched refuge and golf course at Les Grands Chênes, pioneer cabin at Les Grands Reflets, trapper's hut and Nordic bath at La Réserve, construction on stilts and spa at Les Grands Lakes, design and vineyards with grape varieties. On the program, adventure, Nordic baths, yoga, star gazing, gourmet breaks... very slow living holidays in a dream setting.

cabanes coucoo moderne sur un étang dans le vaucluse
domaine des cépages

When they created Coucoo in 2009, Gaspard de Moustier and Emmanuel de la Bédoyère wanted to fulfill their childhood dream above all : to live the life of Robinson for a few days. Their plan was a perfect response to the growing interest of tourists in glamping and green tourism, offering vacationers looking for disconnection the possibility of fully blending into nature to recharge their batteries. Driven by fundamental values, the Coucoo project responds to ecological, educational, sociological and environmental issues and thus ticks all the boxes of sustainable and responsible tourism: vast natural spaces, eco-designed reception facilities , enhancement of the territory and local craftsmen, protection and preservation of the environment.

chambre en lambris au domaine des cépages
domaine des cépages

Ingeniously integrated into their environment, the architecture of each of the cabins scrupulously respects the wild environment that surrounds it, thus offering a variety of constructions; perched, floating, on stilts or vegetated. They are made of wood species that do not require any chemical treatment, insulated with sheep's wool and tastefully decorated simply and naturally.

hutte sur pilotis au domaine des grands lacs à Vesoul
domaine des grands lacs

Specificity signed Coucoo, the Nordic baths installed on the terraces of many cabins, in which one immerses oneself with a quiet ecological conscience: Gaspard and Emmanuel have worked for a long time on the development of a unique innovation in the world allowing the potabilization of natural water without product chemical! We revel in the idea of ​​diving into a hot (and responsible) bath set up in the middle of a lake and the forest...

femme dans un bain nordique au domaine coucoo
domaine la réserve

Another singularity of the stay, each Robinson is offered on arrival a bag containing all the paraphernalia necessary for his getaway, from the access card to his cabin, to the essential headlamps, small bags dedicated to selective sorting as well as a "Coucoo charter" detailing many tips on respecting the environment. Also, each area offers the possibility of ordering gourmet baskets sourced from the best local producers, thus ensuring the promotion of territorial agricultural and artisanal know-how. From breakfast to dinner, you can savor the regional delicacies delivered in charming baskets. And the estate market offers the possibility of bringing a little dream home...

After two domains established in the Oise, the duo duplicated the model in the vineyards of Franche-Comté and Vaucluse, and in the Territoire de Belfort. And on the crest of their popularity, five new domains will open by 2025, including one in Italy. Enough to guarantee everyone a very nice holiday.


photo credit - coucoo cabanes © elsa cyril - lucas madani


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