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E.F.T - Emotional Freedom Technique - is a personal development technique used to free oneself from negative emotions. Invented by Cary Craig in 1993, E.F.T or Tapping is a gentle method, a kind of emotional acupuncture, which allows you to quickly resolve your blockages. Meeting with Céline Robineau, coach practitioner, who explains everything about this therapy.

Céline, can you explain what EFT is? What does it consist of?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a technique created by Gary Craig, an American engineer in 1993. This method addresses disturbances in the energy that flows in and around our body. It appears that these disturbances are the cause of emotional pain, negative thoughts, and unwanted behaviors. It involves tapping with your fingertips on certain acupuncture points while being connected to your problem.EFT solves all problems related to emotions: stress, anxiety, trauma, post-traumatic stress syndrome, lack of self-confidence, addiction, insomnia, phobias, etc.

What happens during a session?

The session lasts approximately 1h15. I start by questioning the person to understand the real problem and thus tap on the most precise elements possible. This will provide effective and lasting relief.

The person taps on her meridian points (always in the same order) and I position myself in front of her showing her the gestures she repeats. The session can take place face-to-face or by zoom.

Can you give us a concrete example of the course of a session (from the problem to the result)?

There are 2 types of problems. The simple and the complex.

For example, a client may come to see me for a traumatic event identified as a car accident. This person has post-traumatic stress and cannot drive again. Together, we will tap and neutralize all energy disturbances related to this unique event and completely calm the person. A single session may be enough.

The 2nd case is a complex case. A person comes to see me for a problem of self-confidence. The origin of the problem can come from many events in his life from early childhood until today. We are therefore going to need more sessions in order to calm her down and regain her self-confidence. The number of sessions depends on the person, the problem and the personal investment of the client. Indeed, EFT is a technique that can be practiced alone, which I recommend to move faster on "minor" events. Gary Craig calls this the Personal Peace Procedure.

eft méthode douce pour résoudre les blocages émotionnels

Is EFT intended for specific profiles or everyone can practice it?

Anyone can practice EFT. Indeed, I have accompanied children, adults, the elderly and even animals!

Regarding the sessions:

Can we consult a practitioner just for a single session? Or is it better for the sessions to be part of a global therapy?

As described above, a single session may be sufficient for a simple trauma. It can also be suitable for people who do not want to do long work and simply acquire the technique to use it occasionally in stressful situations. It works like a relaxation exercise before speaking in public, for example.Doing EFT can be part of an overall therapeutic work to move forward more quickly on identified events. I have the example of a person who is followed by his psychiatrist and who experienced a traumatic event. She will deal with me at this precise moment instead of taking medication which will remain ineffective.Please note that EFT does not replace medical treatment even if you feel better.

Can we practice alone once we know the protocol?

Yes, you can practice alone but be careful, in some rare cases, tapping can trigger discomfort by waking up traumas from the past. You should then consult your doctor and possibly be accompanied by a professional EFT practitioner.

Can we renew the sessions as many times as necessary? (Is 1 session sufficient to solve a problem or are several sessions needed to solve the same problem)? Can we do as many sessions as there are “problems”?

The work on oneself is "infinite" because we experience disturbing events all our lives and the unconscious keeps a certain number of them in the background. The question to ask is: is what I am currently experiencing preventing me from being free, happy and being myself? if yes, then I advise to continue doing sessions.

For example, if you have a conflicted relationship with a family member and you would like to be appeased, this may be a good opportunity to work. After fixing this problem (which usually fixes many others), you may find that you're not sleeping very well. This insomnia problem hides a significant anxiety that can be improved by EFT. After this work, you may still have intense emotional reactions in certain situations, but this no longer bothers you in your life. So you can make the choice to stop and either resume later, or tap on the symptoms, or stop permanently, or move towards other techniques (yoga, meditation, talk therapy, sport, art, etc.)

Comment peut-on devenir praticien certifié?

The only certifying training that I recommend is the one taught in Switzerland by its founder, Gary Craig, here is the link

photo noir et blanc de la coach eft céline robineau
céline robineau

Céline Robineau

A graduate of EM Lyon and with a degree in economics from Assas Paris II, Céline Robineau worked for 5 years in a communication and design agency as client manager. She decides to change her life and becomes an actress. She will play for 2 years in the comedy "Le Clan des Divorcées".

At the same time, she trained in professional coaching at International Mozaik, the 1st French-speaking school accredited by ICF. After the late discovery of her giftedness (also called high potential, zebra or precocious), she made it one of her specialties. She has now decided to combine her skills with her personality (energy, humor, creativity) in the service of people wishing to become actors in their lives.


Céline Robineau

7 avenue Pierre 1er de Serbie 75116 Paris, France


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