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Justine and César have created an online store that offers a sharp selection of vintage furniture and lighting. The Franco-Chilean couple mainly offers designer pieces from the 20th century that they sell on their Instagram account. Choice pieces that stimulate our pupils.

 50s blackened pine table from the childan eshop
blackened pine craft table

In their "previous" life, Justine was a graphic designer in Paris and César was an SEO analyst in Santiago de Chile. A friend introduced them to design and the weariness of their respective work being felt, they decided to devote themselves fully to this budding passion. They then left the city and settled in a small village in Auvergne, a few kilometers from Clermont-Ferrand, where they created their online store on Instagram.

Their account is full of signed vintage nuggets as well as a few original handcrafted pieces. Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Gautier Delaye, Pierre Chapo, Marcel Gascoin, Vigo Magistretti, among others, populate their catalog essentially made up of pieces in wood or natural materials which give their shop a "rustic" specificity that we appreciate a lot because it furnishes. impeccably our neo-country interiors.

salle à manger artisanale en bois chez Childan
artisanal dining room - 1960s



Instagram @childan


photo credit © childan


nos chouchous du moment



Sandales roses à talons réalisées avec un cuir ayant subi un processus de tannage sans chrome. 




Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


crème solaire


Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

Indice de protection 30

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