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Nestled in the Pyrenees mountains, L'Ovella Negra is a modern lodge that promotes simple pleasures and invites you to disconnect. The atmosphere is relaxed and the decoration is cozy and cozy. Here, time seems suspended and the main occupation is to "chill": we extend breakfast until brunch, we sing in front of a fire, we meditate by candlelight, we do yoga or, quite simply, we contemplate the wild landscape through the windows.

fauteuil en tissu navarro à l'hotel ovella negra

At the bottom of the Incles Valley, one of the most idyllic corners of the Principality of Andorra, stands a building that seems straight out of a fairy tale and that escapes time. The Ovella Negra is a small, four-bedroom boutique hotel that celebrates a return to basics and letting go. The authentic borda (traditional mountain hut) stands in the middle of the mountain pastures overlooking the valley like the black sheep that graze there in summer, while its interior displays warmth and simplicity everywhere. The lodge invites you to come and enjoy its sweetness of life in all seasons. Simple activities can be practiced there: exploring the surrounding mountain on foot, on skis or on snowshoes, yoga lessons, discussions and laughter with friends around the fire while sipping a drink and sharing the chef's delicious meals. Prisca Llagostera, the happy founder of Ovella Negra, has long sought the ideal place where she could create such an atmosphere and found her ideal "spot" in 2017. Surrounded by a team of mountain lovers like she, the "little family" pampers its residents and reveals to them all the secrets of their beloved valley.

The hotel

Prisca Llagostera and her mother have thought of every corner of the Ovella Negra. Drawing on her experience at the Igloo hotel and ideas gleaned during her travels across South America, Prisca has imagined spacious, comfortable and intimate volumes where guests can feel at home. The ubiquitous wood brings warmth and naturalness, while wrought iron and polished concrete evoke the mineral side of the mountains that surround the hotel. A palette of copper and auburn colors, warm materials and subdued lighting complete the cozy side sought by the owner, while the large beds with organic cotton sheets, the ubiquitous candles, the Navajo fabric armchairs, the large communal tables and the central stove in the lounge invite comfort and conviviality.

chambre  en bois de l'hotel ovella negra

canapé et fauteuil devant le poêle de l'ovella negra mountain lodge

The restaurant

The restaurant at the Ovella Negra is a real institution. Its chef, Sergi Simó is an authentic Andorran, mountain lover and connoisseur of traditional regional cuisine. Trained with the best chefs, he has developed a unique menu in which he revisits the classics of Catalan cuisine using local ingredients, in particular the truffle which perfumes many dishes. Foie gras, artichokes sautéed with cubes of ham and quail eggs or even the trinxat, a specialty of cabbage, potato and black sausage stimulate the taste buds of the hosts.

table de repas dressée à l'hotel ovella negra

plat mijoté dans une cocotte noire à l'hotel ovella negra

The restaurant has become an excellent meeting point for hikers who meet there. On full moon nights, it is common to see groups walking along the Obac path which runs along the river. Some travel on foot, others by bicycle and in winter, people come on skis or snowshoes.


Each season brings its share of scenery and its panoply of colors. The valley turns from the fresh green of summer to the ochres of autumn, passing through the immaculate white of the snow in winter, to be covered again with wild flowers and fresh grass where the herds of sheep, cows and horses flock to graze from the spring. Whatever the weather, there is always an activity to do: a sunny day is ideal for walking to a lake, following the path along the river or sitting in the sun in an armchair facing the mountain. On rainy days, we play cards or read by the fireplace installed in the large sofas. And throughout the year, the hotel organizes yoga retreats, concerts resonate in the valley on summer nights, and if the place enchants you, you will even have the opportunity to celebrate your wedding there.

vue de l'hôtel ovella negra devant les montagnes


In my bag

Our "must-have" selection for a stay at the Ovella Negra Mountain Lodge.

Doudoune sans manche, Taion

Huile sèche, Natura Bissé

Bob Dylan, Soeur

Boots, Zespa

Sac à dos Scout, Lefrik




Vall d'Ingles, Andorre


double room from 280,00€ per night.


crédits photos © l'ovella negra


nos chouchous du moment



Panier Justine en raphia tressé à la main dans un atelier à Madagascar.




Coupe flare et bleu denim délavé pour le Jean Harry.




Ballerines de danseuses en raphia avec bride élastique Léonie.

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