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As Christmas approaches, if you start to turn pale when you discover the Santa Claus list that your child proudly gave you, we have good news! Discreetly, slide a beautiful puzzle in front of the tree, it will be a good opportunity to introduce your children to design or art while working their right ... and left brain! A pleasure to share with the family.

Note! Suitable for adults also :-)


ensemble de jouets de plages beiges en forme de coquillages

We love the duo behinf Jour Férié who creates funny and graphic puzzles with 80s sounds made from recycled materials.

Le casse-croûte (1000 pièces)

Jour Férié 29,00€

Neo Geo

Graphic puzzle with a pretty color palette. Handcrafted in the USA from durable, non-toxic materials.

Néo Géo (300 pièces)

Werkshoppe 35,00€

La Gazza Ladra

bac à sable en bois avec protection solaire en tissu rayé rouge et blanc

Botero style for the New York designer who signs two puzzles with the Aeraware shop.

La Gazza Ladra (500 pièces)

Yoro Park

jeu de quilles en bois wooden story

Collab between Australian artist Charlie Bennell and Los Angeles Creative Collective, this puzzle represents "The Site of Reversing Doom", an architectural building located in Yoro Park, Japan

Yoro Park (285 pièces)

Over the Moon

panier à roulettes en rotin bio en forme de coquille saint jacques olli ella

Your head in the stars to join Thomas Pesquet. We fell in love with this American brand which offers jigsaw puzzles with brilliant designs made from recycled paper.

Over the moon (100 pièces)

Piecework 24,00$

Tomato Soup

The perfect puzzle: initiation into pop art, working on logic and encouraging kids to eat soup!

Andy Warhol (300 pièces)

Galison 19,68€

Jonathan Adler

A stunning painting by decorator Jonathan Adler to hang in your child's room once the puzzle is finished!

Now House, Jonathan Adler (1000 pièces)

Galison 19,99€


jeu de chamboule tout illustré par ingela arrhénius

Designed in 1964 by Fredun Shapur and produced at the time by Galt Toys, this little puzzle is part of a series of four. A design piece in itself!

Seaside (20 pièces)

Piqpoq 20,00€


jeu de construction en bois et tissu bio trigonos

Very 80s graphics for the French stars of the children's world.

Graphic (1000 pièces)

OMY 35,00€

Joy Ride

baby foot d'exterieur en bois vintage stella

Retro styling for toy car addicts and fans of the American 50s.

Joy Ride (100 pièces)

Piecework 24,00$


nos chouchous du moment



Panier Justine en raphia tressé à la main dans un atelier à Madagascar.




Coupe flare et bleu denim délavé pour le Jean Harry.




Ballerines de danseuses en raphia avec bride élastique Léonie.

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