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little girl wearing a flowered kerchief in her hair
© liilu

The American Pioneers' Shaker style continues to progress and children's universe doesn't escape the rule. Many “folk” brands are emerging and offering collections of sober and classic clothing designed with natural materials. In the same spirit, the toys are creative and simple. Everything should seem like it came out of Little House on the Prairie and be as far removed from mass consumption as possible.

Kuko bassinet, Charlie Crane 249,00€

Patchwork baby pyjama, Petit Bateau 27,00€

Wooden loom, Melissa & Doug 55,90€

Wool comforter, Main Sauvage 35,00€

Eco-tex dress, Monoprix 27,99€

Wooden dinette, Nature&Découvertes 36,99€

Gingham scrunchie, Cocoeko 9,50€

T-bar ballerinas, Pépé shoes 144,00€

Box, La Petite Maison dans la Prairie

Organic cotton quilted jacket, Bonnie & the Gang 45,00€

Wooden bench, Sebra 159,00€

Corduroy overalls, The Simple Folk 75,00€

Cotton gauze blouse, Monoprix 17,99€

Pink hat with white flowers, Risu Risu 46,00€


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