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Bess Piergrossi lives with her husband on a small farm in Eliot, Maine, where they grow flowers and raise ducks, geese and chickens. They live in an old farm from the 1740s. Bess's life is simple: tending their gardens, picking flowers which she sells at the end of her driveway, reading, sewing and cooking. It's a simple and gorgeous life that thousands of people follow on her Instagram.

pelotes de laine accrochées sur une barrière chez teinture sauvage

After a first life in New-Jersey and New-Hampshire where she studied Health Management in Policy in school and started a career in health care, Bess found herself yearning for a career with more creative freedom. She spent several years working in restaurants to make ends meet, while pursing creative passions on the side, which is where she discovered her love for farming, and met her husband. She has spent the last 6 years or so working on farms- vegetable, dairy, flower farms, and the like. She currently has a corporate job in merchandising, but fill her free making bouquets out in the garden, tending to the ducks and chickens, and farming our their own land.


Bess, can you describe your county?

Maine is an amazing place to live- we’re about ten minutes from the beach, close the mountains, about an hour away from two major cities. We live in a perfect corner of the state, where industry and opportunity is close by, yet the quiet country is short drive down the road. It’s not very remote, but there’s corners of our county that feel like you're a million miles away from the rest of the world. We’re lucky enough to live in one of these corners.

Why did you choose this house?

When we moved to Maine, I got a job working early mornings at a local dairy farm down the road before going to work. Luckily, or call it fate, the farmhouse on the dairy farm went up for sale a few years later, and I knew there was no other place I’d rather live. I fell in love with the location, the view, the history— everything. All I wanted to do was live closer to the cows, and that opportunity opened up for us. It was magical, really.

What is your favorite object in the home?

My favorite object in the home is probably the central chimney if that counts. Its in the center of the home-- we have two fireplaces coming off of it, one in the living room, and one in the dining room, and a wood stove in the kitchen. It offers a sense of warmth and grander that I find so welcoming.

What is your favorite brand?

I’m a sucker for ARQ underwear. The colors, the shapes, the fabric— its all so luxurious, yet simple. Its underwear, its a pajama, its my uniform in the heat— I just love the way it hugs my body. I also love Babaa sweaters. The smell of sheep, the timelessness of the designs, the quality—— I hope to collect more of them throughout the years.

What is a typical day in Bess’s Country Life?

As mentioned I do work 9-5 from my home, which is a luxury due to the pandemic. I often don’t leave the home for days, if not weeks at a time. On the weekends, I indulge in simple activities like baking, washing and sorting our eggs, making bouquets to scatter around the house, weeding the garden, or doing something creative like a puzzle or sewing a new dress. At night, my husband always cooks us a decadent meal, and I keep him company at the kitchen Island as we talk about our day, our dreams, and our future.


What are you inspirational Instagram Accounts?

There are so many to mention. I love @RudyJude, @DevolKitchens, @farmandfolk, @homesweethomestead et @jerseyicecreamco. . Those are some of my favorites.

Why would you recommend our French readers visit Maine?

There’s nothing like Maine. It’s such a unique experience— the rocky beach landscape, the salt water lobsters, the farmland and farmhouses yearning to be rescued— much of Maine remains untouched, although that is changing rapidly. No matter where in Maine you go, you’ll find beauty. There’s so much to be had!

What is your favorite French Inspiration?

If I had to choose a person ( I don’t know many in France) it would be Rachel Bakers and her home, @3_sources. She lives in the most beautiful home in the village of Provence, and I yearn to visit, go antiquing, and roam the cobblestone streets. French antiques are really my greatest inspiration though. I’d love to find the best secret spots and flea markets in France.We stopped in Paris for our honeymoon, which is just lovely, but I’m craving a visit to the countryside as well. I’d love to return someday soon.

Thanks to Bess, who we will be delighted to welcome in Burgundy to show her the French countryside!


crédit photos © besspier



nos chouchous du moment



Lunettes de soleil oversized Yves-Saint-Laurent années 70 vintage.




Robe midi en coton imprimée de coquelicots avec corsage fronçé et bretelles amovibles.  




Ballerines mary-jane en résille bleutées avec incrustation de perles.

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