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It is useful, beautiful and eco-designed in France. The Shield Compact air purifier is the new pearl for our homes. This small high-performance object with graphic lines, brings a mountain atmosphere to our interior. By a patented process, it purifies the ambient air thus protecting the health of the whole family and relieving allergy sufferers. Our favorite Home Detox!

femme dormant dans des draps bleus à côté d'un purificateur d'air

In our special Home Detox article, we mentioned air purifiers as an essential element in improving our indoor comfort. Among them, there is one that we love above all! On the one hand, it is undeniably effective and its remarkable design makes it a decorative object in its own right. And, to complete the whole, it is eco-designed from sustainable and recyclable materials in Rezé near Nantes.

The JVD company has patented the Shield purifier which comes in two versions; a tall model that lends itself more to professional spaces and a compact and mobile version for the home. On your bedside table, in the baby's room, on your desk, in your living room or to eliminate bad smells from your kitchen, it is the essential object if you are looking for the healthiest air possible.

bureau à la campagne avec un shield compact

This real bubble of pure air certified NF B44-200 (the most demanding standard in terms of air purification) eliminates more than 95% of allergenic particles and up to 99% of pollutants present in the air. Using an active oxygenation and photocatalysis process, a technology developed and patented by JVD, the Shield Compact mixes, neutralizes and then mineralizes the contaminants present in the house, which it then rejects in the form of ultra-healthy air.

This makes it an ally of choice in sensitive and allergic homes, and to preserve the air quality of children who spend a lot of time on the floor, where most pollutants and microparticles accumulate. Also, the Shield Compact offers a "fast-track" mode that quickly captures bad odors and helps keep your home clean.

"Shield by JVD purifiers are effective against pollutants, contaminants, allergens and odors in the air."

Its ultra-light weight makes it easy to move from room to room as needed. It comes with its carrying bag in a small recycled cardboard box. Its start-up is very simple: plug it in, make sure it is well positioned forward (to properly capture the air at the back), touch its button and the Smart Mineralization process begins. After a few minutes, we feel very clearly that the air around us is different, the room smells fresh.

In addition to being useful for our health, it brings a decorative touch to the house. Designed by star designer Rami Fischler, it looks like an ultra-graphic speaker and fits in wherever you put it. Available in a range of subtle colors evoking raw nature, its aluminum shell and its diamond-shaped ventilation make it a real gem.

panoplie des différents Shield

Shield Compact, 490,00€

In this winter period when viruses proliferate and the upcoming arrival of spring and its share of allergies, an air purifier is a powerful ally even if its price is high. But it is a very beautiful object and solid workmanship guaranteed for 3 years and repairable for 10 years. An investment that preserves our health and that of our children. It's priceless... The Shield Compact is the IT TECH' that all city dwellers should absolutely have at home!


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Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


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Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

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