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Zara Home's latest story takes us on a visit to model Edie Campbell's designer home in the English countryside of Northamptonshire. A place where she likes to relax on weekends, indulge in simple pleasures and receive her friends.

maison de campagne d'édie campbell

It is in her house designed by her mother, architect Sophie Hicks, that model Edie Campbell opens her doors to Zara Home. A single storey house situated between two lakes in the Northamptonshire countryside in central England. A house bathed in light whose large bay windows immerse the occupants in the omnipresent nature. The perfect place to disconnection.

Zara Home has installed furniture and simple decorative objects that reflect the soul of its owner; a natural, soft and aesthetic atmosphere where it is good to live and stroll for a weekend. Edie likes to prepare convivial meals there for her friends, dive into a bubble bath, compose bouquets of wild flowers, observe nature, read a magazine by the fire, garden in the greenhouse, let herself be lulled in the hammock installed between the weeping willows or horseback riding in the countryside...

salon rose de la maison de campagne d'édie campbell

edie campbell devant son poêle

bureau devant des baies vitrées de la maison de campagne d'edie campbell

chambre de la maison de campagne d'edie campbell

This is my favorite place to wake up.

salle de bain de la maison de campagne d'edie campbell

terrasse de la maison de campagne d'edie campbell

edie campbell en salopette coupant des fleurs dans sa serre

crédits zara home © felix cooper


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