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cottage in the highlands of zara home

Zara Home continues to surprise us with the quality of their decors and their tendency to be anchored in the countryside. Their latest story takes place on a remote peninsula in the Scottish Highlands. The brand unveils its fall home collection in a charming secluded cottage.

Zara Home back wooden chair and chimney

Walls covered in paneling and flat earthenware, a palette of chalk and fresh green colors enhanced with warm touches and hints of black, iron earth crockery, old paintings alongside artisanal and 50s-inspired furniture... all the decorative codes of neo-rustic style harmonize in this Scottish interior which look like in every way our traditional Breton and Normand interiors.

Zara Home kitchen workplan

Zara Home scottish cottage

Zara Home bedroom in a cottage

Zara Home Highlands islands panorama



picture credit © zara home

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