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With its all-Scandinavian design, its simple and graphic lines, the furniture manufacturer Skagerak by Fritz Hansen offers a timeless range of high-end outdoor furniture. Armchairs, chairs, tables, deckchairs, parasols and cushions fit into any environment and bring a resolutely contemporary and elegant touch to our gardens.

Plank garden table and benches by Skagerak

The story

Skagerak is an international design company founded in 1976 in Denmark. It is renowned for its high-quality indoor and outdoor furniture rooted in Scandinavian design and craftsmanship. Its name refers to its location in the north of the country and to the “Skagerrak” strait which connects Denmark to its northern neighbors. Certified B Corp since 2017, its products and the entire company meet the highest social and environmental performance standards. In November 2022, Skagerak changed its name to "Skagerak by Fritz Hansen" after being acquired by the famous Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen. Together they bring the best of Danish design inside and outside the home.


For more than 40 years, the brand has created sustainable design with a modern Nordic touch. The collections consist of indoor and outdoor furniture mainly in wood, accessories and lighting, and contain both historical pieces that have accompanied the brand since its beginnings as well as new lines with a universal aesthetic. .

Many collections make up the brand's catalog: Cutter, Plank, Overlap, Pelagus, Riviera... Around twenty collections signed by international designers such as the Frenchman Aurélien Barbry, the BIG agency or Hugo Passos, whose creations fit perfectly into our gardens, whatever their style and environment.

" We believe in simple and lasting beauty, and work with skilled international designers who help us achieve this goal. "

Skagerak Pelagus wooden lounge chair



photo credits © skagerak


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