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Zara Home launched its spring-summer 2023 collection, placed under the sign of warmth and natural. The Chromatic Poetry collection presents handcrafted objects sublimated in a historic terracotta-hued house, the work of Italian architect Carlo Scarpa.

salon et cheminée terracotta de la villa Tabarelli de Fatis

Zara Home has chosen a mythical residence signed Carlo Scarpa and Sergio Los at the end of the 60s, to showcase its spring/summer 2023 home collection. A villa in northern Italy, with a free design and a chromatic palette remarkable, where concrete, geometric lines and flat areas of terracotta intertwine and mark the singularity of the architectural project.

panneau en céramique noir et blanc de la villa Tabarelli de Fatis

Fauteuil rustique, linge en lin, petite lampe en pierre, panier en osier tressé composent cette collection naturelle inspiré du sud.

plateau de poires devnt céramiques noires et blanches de la villa Tabarelli de Fatis

bureau en bois de la villa Tabarelli de Fatis



picture credit © zara home

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