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We are in the heart of winter and the snow and cold have set in. Devoid of a protective barrier, the lips are particularly sensitive to external aggressions which bring their seasonal share of dryness and cracking. So it's time to apply and abuse a balm: nourishing, moisturizing, exfoliating, tinting... here is our selection to repair and protect your lips.

femme mettant du baume à lèvre teinté
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masque exfoliant rowse

The Daily Lip Balm nourishes and hydrates the lips without sticking thanks to its vegetable oil extracts of jojoba and beeswax. Reducing chapping, it leaves the skin supple, soft and durably protected, while its blend of vegetable oils and waxes repairs and plumps the lips. Multifunctional, it can also be used for the dry and sensitive eye contour or on irritated areas of the face.

Everyday balm, RMS Beauty 27,00€


masque exfoliant rowse

Certified natural lip balm that intensely hydrates and replenishes lips with its nourishing formula formulated with soothing bisabolol, omega-rich sea buckthorn oil and antioxidant blueberry seed oil. It perfectly protects against seasonal dehydration and fights against dryness and the feeling of discomfort.

Balm SOS - Madara 11,95€


masque exfoliant rowse

A lip balm for the whole family that repairs, relieves, protects and restores chapped, irritated or cracked lips. Its hypoallergenic formula, composed of Alga-Sendatu®, a patented repairing active ingredient of natural origin, promotes the reconstitution of the lips.

Baume soin réparateur, Laboratoires de Biarritz 9,50€


masque exfoliant rowse

Balmy Nights lip scrub revives the lips with its fine, grainy texture based on volcanic stone. It contains shea butter to hydrate, as well as jojoba oil to nourish. It moisturizes and exfoliates in one step! Ultra effective for a new skin, it is ideal just before applying Balmy Days.

Baume Balmy nights, Ilia 28,00€


masque exfoliant rowse

A novelty that comes from Canada, cold specialist! This ointment care based on honey, avocado oil, jojoba, mint and calendula, repairs, nourishes and soothes the lips. It is packaged in a 100% recyclable premium paper tube which can be recycled when finished.

Baume Soothing Lip Balm - Lesse 34,00€


masque exfoliant rowse

A lip balm with oily rose extract that gives it a melting texture and deeply hydrates. It is non-sticky and maintains the hold of the lipstick. We love its delicious fragrance with vanilla notes. 100% ingredients of natural origin and made in France.

Baume Very Rose, Nuxe 14,00€


masque exfoliant rowse

The "Be Adored" Lip Balm intensely nourishes the lips and visibly plumps thanks to its apricot and acai oils. It improves lipstick hold and smoothes fine lines around the lips. Hydrated, protected and comfortable, the lips gain in density and the signs of aging are prevented.

Be Adored balm- Tata Harper 32,00€


masque exfoliant rowse

A balm enriched with hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed extract, it lightly tints the lips and cheeks while providing comfort, nutrition and hydration. Available in 5 colours.

Tinted balm, Typology 15,90€

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