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tête de lit tapissée d'anna carlin studio

Anna Karlin is an interior design agency and a design studio based in New York. They design and carry out residential and commercial projects and produce a collection of high-end furniture, lighting and objects. Their editorial line is part of a qualitative approach and places storytelling at the heart of their creation.

suspension Anna Karlin Studio

Anna Karlin Studio unveiled its new collection of furniture, lighting and objects this fall. It includes a complete range of lamps, an upholstered headboard, wrought iron bar stools and a magnificent ceramic cabinet, a true work of art. It took three years of preparation before publishing this sculptural collection.

comptoir et chaises forgées Anna Karlin Studio

" Each piece I design informs the development of the next, and lives in dialogue with its neighbor..." Anna Karlin

comptoir et chaises forgées Anna Karlin Studio


Each piece is strong and designed to occupy the same space in perfect harmony. Indeed, Anna Karlin designs a collection in its entirety by imagining all the pieces coexisting in the same project without any taking up all the space and eclipsing the others.

The concept of this collection is based on the reinterpretation of old and familiar objects, such as the Mulberry line whose globes are inspired by pendant lights from the 1950s whose uprights have been twisted. The Field headboard is inspired by the Art & Crafts movement in an abstract upholstered version, and the ceramic cabinet draws its inspiration from Nordic stoves but whose function has been diverted into a bar.

Graphic lines, a very accomplished finish and an organic composition give the objects in this collection an original aesthetic which brings a resolutely modern and artistic touch to our interiors.

totem luminaire  Anna Karlin Studio


picture credit © adrian gaut



nos chouchous du moment



Lunettes de soleil oversized Yves-Saint-Laurent années 70 vintage.




Robe midi en coton imprimée de coquelicots avec corsage fronçé et bretelles amovibles.  




Ballerines mary-jane en résille bleutées avec incrustation de perles.

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