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A true masterpiece in neo-rural and city dwellers dressings, the Anja wool sweater by Sea NY is inspired by Shetland sweaters and features pretty little sheep. A cult piece that fashionistas are snapping up and perfect for all occasions.

femme asiatique portant le pull shetland Anja de Sea NY
automne-hiver 23 © sea ny

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So how should we wear this Shetland sheep sweater this fall 2023? Answer: with a skirt and high boots for an 80s-inspired outfit! And above all, we avoid the overly classic look by twisting the outfit with colored tights: green, mustard or red... it doesn't matter, it's this detail that will make all the difference and modernize the Shetland sweater.

The Sweater

brassière de fitness parme Nike

100% merino Anja sweater, Sea ny 395,00$

The Skirt

legging de fitness vert eau et ivoire Puma

Easton long skirt, Laurence Bras 340,00€

The Tights

poids de fitness Bala beiges

Opaque velvety tights in Garnet color, DIM 9,95€

The Boots

poids de fitness Bala beiges

High boots, Vanessa Bruno 800,00$

The. Cap

chaussures de fitness Metcon 7 parme Nike

Wind cashmere hat, Soeur 75,00€

The Handbag

poids de fitness Bala beiges

Bi-material handbag Le New Flav, Herbert Frère Soeur 400,00€$

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