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Anne-Sophie Ernest designs 100% ethical ceramics handcrafted in Cambodia, for individuals, professionals and conscientious restorers. From her studio in Liège, Belgium, she shared her story, her values of authenticity and her philosophy of beauty with us.

homme portant les bols en céramique de fra atelier

The Story

Anne-Sophie Ernest has had her hands in the ground since she was very young. From her childhood spent on the family farm near Namur to her own production of ceramics, she kneads, shapes clay and handles beauty. Esthete at heart, she spent her youth drawing in Indian ink and dreaming of beautiful interiors. The young woman chose to study Art History and began her career as an antique dealer and then an interior designer.

It was a trip to southern Asia in 2009 and the discovery of a population practicing centuries-old craftsmanship that triggered it. Upon meeting them, Anne-Sophie felt the immediate desire to create a small collection. She draws a few models on the spot that she has shipped to Belgium and that she will integrate into her decoration projects or that she will sell to decorators. But a serious accident in 2015 forced the young woman to stop all activity. After six years of rehabilitation, Anne-Sophie decides to start from scratch and devote herself solely to the creation of her own brand of ceramics

portrait d'anne-sophie ernest
anne-sophie ernest

Inspired by Axel Vervoodt's TRA exhibition at the Venice Biennale, and by the name of the street where her studio Rue de Fragnée is located, Anne-Sophie created FRA atelier in 2021. She designs her collections in Belgium, and each piece is turned by hand in Cambodia according to ancestral know-how. The craftsmen work clay soil of excellent quality, by hand and without electricity, which gives the slow and philanthropic dimensions dear to the designer. Aware of the ecological impact of transport from Asia to Europe, Anne-Sophie has chosen to have it delivered only once a year to limit her carbon footprint. In his eyes, working with outstanding craftsmen and promoting an age-old know-how that was disappearing had more value than delivery.


The pieces have a raw or glazed texture with local natural pigments. Models come in pearl, sage, khaki and pepper color variations. The lines are simple and clean in the image of the designer and the ceramics can present slight differences, which lends them this unique aspect. Stoneware pieces are designed for everyday use, dishwasher safe and food safe.

The pieces are intended for individuals and professionals such as florists and restaurateurs. Chefs focused on slow food can benefit from a branded and non-industrial range in accordance with their values. Anne-Sophie is also developing a collection of table linens from Laos, just as slow design as her ceramics. All profits from the textile are donated to the NK Seeds association, which works in education and the environment in Laos.

femme portant des bols en céramique émaillée fra atelier

homme allumant des bougies sur une table dressée de  céramique émaillée fra atelier

"My encounter with craftsmen naturally guided me towards my first collection; a collection that I wanted to be timeless, for lovers of beautiful custom-made objects."

Anne-Sophie occasionally organizes workshops in her studio for people wishing to learn about ceramics. More than a moment of creation, it is a moment of sharing and exchange.

FRA creations are available online on the brand's eshop and in Liège in the Slow Now store.

étagère remplie de céramiques fra atelier


FRA ceramics will be present throughout the holiday season, from November to January 2023, in the pop-up store Edition Limitée.

Rue des Carmes10, 4000 Liège. edition-limitee I


crédit photos © anne-sophie ernest


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