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Carrés Sauvages is an organic artisanal chocolate made in France from exceptional cocoa beans. An emotional chocolate whose flavors are renewed according to the seasons and collaborations. Carrés Sauvages x Mastic Lifestyle invite you to win the trio of winter flavors...

plaque de chocolat carrés sauvages

Carrés Sauvages is an exceptional chocolate, raw and organic, which combines well-being and gastronomy. Each bar is made entirely by hand in France, a rare process practiced by only 5% of chocolate makers in the country, a guarantee of product quality. The cocoa bean is worked at low temperature in order to preserve its richness in nutrients and its flavors are enhanced by whole sugars with a low glycemic index. Its creator, Laure Mannessier left nothing to chance. Its brand is anchored in a sustainable and social approach that uses only organic, fair trade, traceable raw materials, respecting seasonality. Its packaging is made of 100% recycled paper printed with vegetable ink, and its inner packaging is made of biodegradable and home compostable wood pulp.

« I wanted to do myself good by biting into a square of chocolate. To know that each ingredient brought me its energy. To ensure traceability and transparency in favor of an ethical and sustainable sector. To know its history. To consume raw chocolate, without refined sugar, virtuous, as we find few in France. Through Carrés Sauvages, I want to rediscover this exciting fruit that is cocoa and offer a well-being vision of chocolate without compromising on pleasure.r. » Laure Mannessier

In addition to its classic range, Carrés Sauvages offers every season, new bars in collaborations with well-eating or well-being brands: Combeau, Anataé, Nourée, Neptune Elements, Chic des Plantes or Maison Loüno. are among the guests who mixed their flavors and specialties with the chocolate maker's subtle cocoa. Also, the Muses collection offers unique bars whose taste and case are taken from the personality of guests who inspire Laure Mannessier.

Carrés Sauvages x Mastic Lifestyle

This winter, Carrés Sauvages is publishing a trio of plates that will satisfy our taste buds and boost our good mood. It will be composed of the creations:

  • Grand Cru 85%

  • Pecan Tonka, a vegetable milk tablet with mashed cashew nuts, pecan nuts and tonka bean

  • Crunchy, 75% dark chocolate with sobacha topping and currants

As Christmas is almost here and we want to spoil you, Carrés Sauvages and Mastic are offering you the chance to win these 3 new tablets. Head over to both Instagram accounts for a chance to win the prize!

Start of the competition Friday December 9 from 6:00 p.m. until Sunday December 11, 2022. The name of the lucky winner will be announced Monday December 12, 2022. Good luck!


picture credits © camille chamignon © manon guillard


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