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For the holidays, we opt for a light and elegant cocktail with elderflower liqueur and champagne. Flowers, sparkling and freshness for this cocktail in the spirit of the Roaring Twenties, very easy to make.

cocktail de noël au champagne et fleur de sureau

Prep time 5 minutes



  • 15 cl champagne

  • 10 cl sparkling water

  • 3 cl de elderflower liqueur

  • lemon zest

  • crushed ice


  1. Pour the elderflower liqueur, the sparkling water and then the champagne directly into a glass of champagne

  2. Add lemon zest

  3. Add some crushed ice then gently stir with a spoon for 8-10 seconds

  4. You can serve your cocktail with an elderflower branch tied to a stick, placed on top of the glass.

cocktail de noël à la fleur de sureau

recette de cocktail de noël au champagne

Notes and suggestions

The particularity of this cocktail lies in the elderberry liqueur of which there are many varieties such as La Maison du Sureau for an organic artisanal production, the Hoeffler distillery for an old-fashioned production or the best known Saint-Germain.

For the children's version, replace the champagne with lemonade and the liqueur with elderberry syrup.


picture credit ©shekeepsalovelyhome

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