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femme de ménage de l'hôtel Union øye
© rune solevaag

The Union Øye Hotel is a luxury setting nestled at the bottom of a Norwegian fjord. This hotel gem offers a classic and elegant break to its visitors who come to savor the sweetness of life and its grandiose setting since 1891.

Escape to the ends of the world to enjoy a grandiose spectacle in a unique scenery. It is at the bottom of the Norangsford fjord, in the northwest of Norway, that the Union Øye hotel has welcomed visitors since the 19th century. The establishment has managed to preserve its historical character and its warm Scandinavian decor, whose charm operates in all seasons. We drink tea in the winter lounge, we read by the fire in the library, we savor the menus of the chef who celebrates the culinary traditions of the region and around the world, or we walk in the magnificent garden which plunges into the emerald waters of the fjord.

suite de l'hôtel Union øye

" Follow in the footsteps of travelers who have visited the Union Øye Hotel for 130 years: adventurers, royals, artists and newlyweds ."

suite de l'hôtel Union øye

salon de l'hôtel Union øye

The establishment has 22 suites and 15 ultra-comfortable rooms with classic or more contemporary decor. Some are adorned with stretched fabrics, baroque patterns and shapes, and stylish furniture, others are dressed in paneling, modernist furniture and fabrics available in a palette of neutral shades. All open onto panoramic landscapes which will delight lovers of wide open spaces and unique landscapes.

cheffe cueillant des herbes de l'hôtel Union øye

The hotel is the ideal place to explore the sublime Norwegian fjords, hike through green pastures, rivers and waterfalls or dive into the cool waters from the hotel pontoon.

randonnée en Norvège à l'hôtel Union øye

Vue du fjord de l'hôtel Union øye


Union Øye

Norangsdal 41 Norangsfjorden, Norvège


room from 264,00$ per night


picture credit © hôtel union - front cover picture © marov & klouda

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