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Superstar of the 80s, pine wood is often neglected in design in favor of hardwoods. The brand new Finnish furniture editor Vaarnii has taken on the challenge of bringing pine up to date through a collection of objects and furniture that are both brutalist and sophisticated, imagined by the avant-garde of international furniture design.

chaise en pin de la collection Vaarnii


Vaarnii is a brand new furniture editor from the far North. Composed of the duo Antti Hirvonen and Miklu Silvanto, Vaarnii aims to create simple, solid and neat objects that will last. The founders even imagine themselves at the origin of a new era in the world of furniture design.

Their first collection is made entirely from Scots pine, Finland's most populous tree, from sustainably managed wild forests. Unlike cultivated pine, wild pine grows slowly and therefore its wood is denser, harder which ensures the longevity of their objects. For generations, this pine has been under-explored as a furniture-making material, often mistakenly portrayed as inferior. Their collection gives pride of place to this daring wood.

Vaarnii designs first and foremost everyday objects which they have fashioned by a small number of Finnish manufacturers ranging from craftsmen to factories, which they choose according to the technical specificities of the object and the skills of each.

wooden bowls by Mac Collins issus de la collection de Vaarnii
Bowls - Mac Collins


The first collection is the result of a convincing collaboration with the avant-garde of international furniture design: the Swedish Fredrik Paulsen, the Canadian Philippe Malouin, the South Korean Kwangho Lee, the Swiss Dimitri Bähler and Livia Lauber and a large part from the UK scene with London's Soft Baroque duo Mac Collins, Max Lamb, Industrial Facililty and Sarah Kaye Rodden. Different approaches and styles that result in a coherent and harmonious whole.

" I want to see people dancing on our tables in ski boots."

Wooden trays by Livia Lauber for Vaarnii
Trays - Livia Lauber


Officially launched during the London Design Festival last September on the occasion of Twentytwentyone's "Back and Forth" exhibition, the collection stands out for its raw and refined style that fits in just as well in cabins as in lofts. It is made up of basic furniture (a round table, a chair, an armchair, a bench, a stool and - our favorite - a log coffee table) and small everyday objects such as bowls, trays, coat hooks or a very useful doorstop!


Successful challenge for Vaarnii, which can be found for the moment via Finnish Design Shop, and which aims to create each new collection in a different and unique wood species. We can't wait to see the next ...




crédits photos © vaarnii


nos chouchous du moment



Sandales roses à talons réalisées avec un cuir ayant subi un processus de tannage sans chrome. 




Robe manches longues imprimée d'un joli madras en coton BIO, certifié GOTS.


crème solaire


Crème solaire visage et corps consciente.

Indice de protection 30

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