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Gestalten publishing house dedicates a book to the countryside through a selection of houses scattered around the world. From the borders of England to the Beijing countryside, Country and Cozy opens the doors of cottages, fincas, chalets or barns with rustic and contemporary decor. A series of residences all different but which point to the desire of its inhabitants to reconnect with nature in the long term.

interior of a modern country house in upstate new york
p.120-121 - Country and Cozy, gestalten 2021

The attraction for countryside was already palpable before the pandemic, but it has developed at breakneck speed since then. Interest in rural life and the benefits it offers has now exceeded what many of us could have imagined even a few years ago. Preferring winding country roads to traffic jams, clean air to pollution, calm to bustle, city dwellers are increasingly choosing to settle in greener regions where they establish occasional or permanent refuges.

Country and Cozy highlights unique residences that have been able to integrate into their regional architecture and have been renovated with respect for local craft traditions. They display a classic or contemporary decoration, a refined or rustic style, natural, sustainable materials, antique or new furniture, but whatever the setting, each choice of finish and furniture has been made with care and awareness.

intérieur du livre country and coszy chez gestalten
Country & Cozy, gestalten 2021

Throughout the pages, we discover a barn converted into a dwelling in New York State, a refreshed former convent in Tuscany, a 200-year-old half-timbered house in the middle of German meadows or a minimalist Catalan farmhouse from the 13th century. All the dwellings in this book display their own style, like their owners who reflect their conception of the country house, thus offering its readers new perspectives and approaches to country life.

child's room inside a cottage in shetter island
Shetter Island, p.218-219, Country & Cozy, gestalten 2021

couverture du livre Country and cozy

Country and Cozy, Gestalten 49,90€


nos chouchous du moment



Lunettes de soleil oversized Yves-Saint-Laurent années 70 vintage.




Robe midi en coton imprimée de coquelicots avec corsage fronçé et bretelles amovibles.  




Ballerines mary-jane en résille bleutées avec incrustation de perles.

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