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It's time to start an effective sports program to approach the summer in the best physical conditions. But you want a sculpted body without spending hours on it? The High Intensity Intensive Trainee is for you. This fitness discipline aims to build muscle in short sessions where intense exercises alternate with "active" recovery moments. It requires little equipment and can be practiced anywhere.

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Imagined in the United States in the 70s for athletes, the HIIT method has invaded the fitness planet and is now practiced indoors or at home.

The method

The objective of this training method is to work in a short way (about 20 minutes) while being as effective as possible. In practice, we alternate periods of intense muscular and cardio work for 30 seconds to a minute, and very short rest periods of 10 seconds. Basically, we expend a maximum of energy in a minimum of time.

The goal is to trigger the "after burn effect" which consists of caloric expenditure that will continue after the effort. If you put enough intensity in your HIIT session, you will continue to burn calories for a few hours after your workout!

All areas of the body are solicited: arms, shoulders, abs, back, legs, thighs and booty. Anything goes! We work without equipment or with classic bodybuilding accessories such as weights, dumbbells and kettlebells to intensify the effort.

Each split exercise has its own name. We therefore chain every 30 seconds Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climbers, Squats jumps, Burpees, Commandos, Dips etc. lexicon that you will get used to very quickly!

The Benefits

HIIT offers many results when you are diligent; the chocolate bars do not appear after a session but the first results come quickly, especially when following specific programs where the HIIT session is supplemented with muscle building.

The fat-burning effect of HIIT contributes to weight loss, strengthening muscle mass, developing cardiovascular capacity and overall good physical condition.

HIIT is a great way to train, but don't overdo it! 30 to 40 minutes per week is recommended. They must come in addition to your usual sport or - as mentioned above - be part of a complete fitness program in which the sessions are adapted.



Many sites and their apps offer training videos and programs to follow at home. In French or English, here are our 3 favorite HIIT programs.


Led by the bubbly Sissy Mua, the French site offers a multitude of

programs or training by zone or discipline. It goes from fitness

to yoga and not bodybuilding. Plus sissy talks all the time which

makes the sessions pass faster. :-)


The reference site for fitness coached by the high priestess of HIIT Kayla

Itsines. A multitude of disciplines, video programs and courses in

live. It's in English but you don't need to be bilingual to move your booty! And

it makes you revise your English by the way...if you don't speak English, ask

Google translate the page!

Nike Training Club

Four training programs spread out between 4 and 6 weeks, advice

nutrition and expert tips to follow on their application.


If you prefer to practice indoors with a coach, here are some addresses dedicated to the discipline.

Paris: cluster

Marseille: setmarseille


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Notes and Suggestions

HIIT should not be practiced by pregnant women and people with heart problems. Consultation or diagnosis by a physician or healthcare professional is recommended prior to any solo training at home.


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