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Kinetic Levi manufactures wooden mobiles, true little pieces of art designed to decorate but also intended to calm down their viewers. From its Moscow workshop, the small family business creates around forty models, all graphic and poetic at the same time, which find their place in all the rooms of the house.

Young people and adults alike gaze fascinated at these feathery and perfectly balanced pieces of wood that twirl peacefully, from the baby lying in his cradle following the oscillations of the mobile, to the adult hypnotized by the gentle back and forth that the composition operates. Kinetic Levi's goal is not only to create harmonious objects that catch the eye of aesthetes, but also to help the beholder slow down and let go. This is also the brand's slogan - "Keep calm and watch the mobile" - annotation slipped into each package.

"Keep calm and watch the mobile."

More than a decorative object, Kinetic Levi's mobiles are intended to relax people who no longer take the time to stop and contemplate the beauty that surrounds them. The mobiles, which their creators call "sculptures", always perform a calm and slow movement and encourage us to model our breathing on their undulations. There is therefore a philanthropic motivation inspired by the Zen philosophy which is "hidden" behind each model.

The designers even have a vocation to transmit a family history through their creations. Remembering happy moments by creating objects that carry memories that we inherit from generation to generation: from the cradle to the teenager's room, then in the family living room when the child takes flight. And then become an adult and a parent in turn, take back his mobile to install it in his new home... a life cycle embodied by an object that makes sense.


In France, Kinetic Levi mobiles are available at the following retailers:




Saint-Denis de la Réunion



crédit photos © kinetic levi


nos chouchous du moment



Panier Justine en raphia tressé à la main dans un atelier à Madagascar.




Coupe flare et bleu denim délavé pour le Jean Harry.




Ballerines de danseuses en raphia avec bride élastique Léonie.

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