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chambre bleue de La Relève

Let's take advantage of the Indian summer or the holidays to take a getaway to the coolest neighborhood in Marseille. The duo Grégoire Hessmann and Gregory Mandonato have opened in Endoume, a hotel-restaurant with four colorful rooms and a bistro table which will transport you with nostalgia into a retro atmosphere, a bit kitsch, but terribly trendy.

The decorative concept is simple: 4 colorful rooms and their associated theme, the design of which was entrusted to the mother-daughter duo Annick Lestrohan and Ingrid Giribone from the neighboring boutique Honoré. Choose from a tropical, rococo, Provençal or Mediterranean ambiance with a kitsch-chic style that subtly evokes the popular small hotels of the 1950s brought up to date.

" In Marseille, at 41 Rue d’Endoume, the Art Déco sign announces in wrought iron and capital letters “BAR for the next generation”. Grégoire Hessmann and Gregory Mandonato, local figures with sunny words, have made it an institution ."

tête de lit de la chambre rose de La Relève

chambre jaune de La Relève

The restaurant follows the same aesthetic line. A neighborhood bar atmosphere with an old-fashioned zinc counter, a beautiful terrace and bistro options. People come to La Relève to drink their coffee in the morning, to have a quick lunch or to meet their friends at pastis time. On the menu, quality cuisine based on fresh local produce and a well-sourced wine list.



41, rue d'Endoume 13007 Marseille

larelevemarseille I @bardelareleve


room from 130,00€ per night


picture credits © nathalie mohadjer - olivier amsellem - guillaume chamahian

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